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2022-06-25 04:21:09 By : Ms. Fina Chan

A high quality, strong breast pump is one of the essential maternity items that many new moms cannot go without. Whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding, having a pump handy will help things go smoothly. Even moms who nurse exclusively often pump to have extra milk in the freezer in case of emergency.

This guide explores the best strong breast pumps on the market today. Each one has different features, and there are pumps on this list to meet a variety of budgets.

Medela pumps are sturdy, well designed and can stand up to everyday use.

The Pump In Style Breast Pump was designed for moms who need to take their pump on the go, whether going to work, on errands, or any other outing.

It is easy to use several times a day and does not require any complicated steps to set up, use or clean. This is a double pump, so with a breast pump bra and maternity clothing, it can be totally hands-free. Even though this pump is heavy duty, it is very easy to use.

This pump starts each session off with a two-minute cycle to stimulate let down, before switching to the “expression” cycle. You can also manually toggle between cycles. The strength of the pump can also be easily adjusted with a knob.

This pump comes in two options – Tote bag or backpack. The tote bag has the pump velcroed to the insides of the bag so it can be removed if needed. There is plenty of room inside of the tote bag for your stuff, plus a removable cooler bag, AC adapter and battery pack.

The backpack is even larger and comes with the same accessories. Both bags include a full accessory kit including tubes and bottles for storing milk. Medela is arguably the top brand in breast pumps. 

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This compact and convenient breast pump from Kinyo is a nice mid-range pump in terms of price, and it has all of the features you need for everyday use. This pump utilizes a unique patented electrical framework in order to be the quietest pump on the market.

The noise level is between 6 to 13 dB lower than other models, making it ideal for night time pumping or pumping in public. The vacuum is strong, with nine levels of adjustment and the hand held control has a large LCD display.

The LCD display has real time suction status indicators so that you can make sure you are getting the most efficient suction at all times. One more unique feature of this pump is that it has 2-phrase expression, with massage function or fast-sucking function.

This pump is meant for use at home, and is not super convenient for taking on the go. It is powered by AC adapters and does not come with an optional battery pack. The milk bottles are also a stationary part of the pump, which are not removable for freezing or storage.

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This unique looking pump from KidsTime is one of the most budget friendly electric pump options.

The pump is very simple and easy to use, with double suction for pumping both breasts at once.

The volume level is around 40 dB and the bottles are designed to keep milk and air separate to prevent gassy babies. The unique purple flower petal design of this pump is meant to massage your breasts in a similar way to baby’s natural movements in order to prevent any discomfort.

This pump has a massage mode to stimulate let down and a sucking mode to efficiently pump the milk, and will automatically cycle through the two modes when you turn it on. There are 18 modes that you can choose from for your comfort and maximum efficiency.

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This manual breast pump is great for collecting milk from one breast while you nurse on the other. It is also super easy to use for relieving engorgement. Personally, I have found this pump very easy to use and convenient. 

Manual pumps are hand powered and are meant for use on one breast at a time during occasional periods away from baby. This pump is very lightweight and discreet, and is comfortable on your hands and your breasts. Medela’s 2 phase expression technology allows you to get both “let down” and “expression” suction despite the lack of electric power.

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This spectra breast pump is a hospital-grade strong breast pump that is great for home and stands up to rigorous everyday use. The suction is very powerful but is adjustable to your comfort level so that pumping is always a pleasure. This pump is super quiet and also features different modes for let down and adjustable pressure.

Some unique features are that it has a built in timer and night light for night time pumping. This pump uses a closed system, with a physical barrier between the pump and the milk in order to ensure motor performance as well as hygienic conditions at all times.

The closed system also means that the milk does not have to travel through the tubing, making clean up very easy. On this pump, you can adjust both the cycle (sucking rhythm) and vacuum pressure. If you want a high-quality pump that is very durable, this is a great choice.

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When it comes to manual pumps, it does not get any simpler and easier than this silicone one handed pump from Avo Babies. This pump is a one piece silicone design that is so easy to use – Just squeeze it gently until you feel suction against your breast, and the pump keeps the suction going until your milk stops flowing.

This is not a strong breast pump for everyday use, because it does not stimulate let down or have alternating suction to mimic a baby’s suction. However, in cases of travel, emergency, or overproduction, it is a perfect solution and much simpler to use and to clean than electric pumps.

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The Philips AVENT Double Pump is a very well made and sturdy pump that is designed for the most comfortable pumping for moms. The breast flanges have soft, massaging cushions to gently stimulate milk flow and the pump was designed to work without the need for leaning over. This means you can sit back and relax while the pump works its magic.

The design is a closed system, preventing milk from contacting the tubing, and is BPA free. The pump is super easy to set up and lets you choose from three operating modes plus stimulation mode to encourage letdown. This pump is also available in a single model.

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The Freestyle is a smaller pump, and is not connected directly to the tote bag like the Pump In Style.

The Freestyle electric breast pump is another great strong breast pump from Medela that is designed specifically for moms who need to bring their breast pumps along with them on their day to day business. 

This pump kit comes with everything you need to have the best pumping experience no matter where you are. It comes with the pump, bottles, two sizes of personal fit breast shields (essential for non-painful pumping!), a rechargeable battery, cooler bag with extra bottles and portable microfiber bag for the breast pump parts.

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If you are looking for the absolute top of the line breast pump, this hospital grade pump from Medela is it. This pump is designed for heavy, every day use and being hospital grade means that it is designed for continuous use through many months.

This pump features the original 2-Phase Expression technology – found only in Medela breast pumps. This makes pumping more efficient and comfortable. This pump can be used for single or double pumping. This is the pump only, not the accessories. Those can be purchased separately with a Medela Symphony Double Pumping Kit.

This kit includes everything you need to get started pumping, including medium fit breast shields, two 5-oz milk bottles with lids and all necessary tubing.

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This is a strong, pain free, closed system breast pump that is less expensive but just as powerful as other brands.

It comes with storage bags and accessories needed for pumping. It has a LCD screen for adjusting and displaying suction level, working mode, time, and battery status. The panel is touch screen and easy to operate. The pump is lightweight and portable with a battery built in for travel. 

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Strong breast pumps can also be an incredible help when babies have trouble suckling, because they can increase and maintain the mother's milk supply. Moms who supplement with formula can also benefit from having a breast pump to relieve engorgement, and also store milk in case of emergency.

Breast pumps make it possible for moms who have trouble breastfeeding to still feed their babies nutritious breast milk, and give dads the opportunity to experience the joy of feeding their infant.

There are multiple kinds of breast pumps available, and each type serves a different purpose for the woman using it.