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2022-09-24 04:35:38 By : Ms. Weiya Wei

5 Ways to Increase and Launch Breast Milk Without the Help of Breast Milk BoosterKOMPAS.com – For a new mother, drinking various types of breast milk (ASI) booster or breast milk smoothing has become a common thing so that milk production increases.Unfortunately, there are some mothers whose milk production remains low even though they have taken booster milk.In a number of cases, there are actually mothers who rarely drink breast milk, but can produce hundreds of bags of breast milk for their babies.However, this should not make a mother discouraged and give up on producing breast milk.Well, for mothers who want to have smooth breast milk without the need for a booster, here are five ways to increase breast milk, quoted from the Mayo Clinic website.Early initiation of breastfeeding (IMD) not only reduces the risk of the baby dying after giving birth, but also contributes to promoting breastfeeding.For this reason, mothers are advised to immediately breastfeed the first hour after the baby is born.This is important to build comfort and emotional bonding between mother and baby.With a happy or happy emotional state, mothers are guaranteed to be able to produce enough milk to breastfeed their babies.Therefore, before giving birth, it is better for a mother to express her desire for IMD to doctors and medical officers who will handle the mother's delivery later.Breastfeeding is not just about attaching the baby's mouth to the mother's breast.For this reason, before breastfeeding, it is better to pay attention to the position of the baby being carried and the baby's mouth attached to the breast.The reason is, these two positions can determine the baby can breastfeed optimally or even swallow too much air because of the wrong position.If the baby swallows too much air, the milk produced will not be optimal, so the baby cannot drink enough milk.Every baby has different habits when breastfeeding.Therefore, a mother should be more aware of this habit because it can affect milk production.One example is the habit of babies who only want to breastfeed on one breast only.This indicates that the mother's breasts do not produce the same amount of milk.This condition needs to be corrected.Because, if the breasts don't produce the same milk, the mother needs to do special treatment for the breasts that don't have enough milk.The right way of treatment is to offer the baby the breast that produces less milk more frequently or prolong the pumping session of the breast.This is intended to trigger the production of more breast milk.After the baby is born, the feeding schedule that needs to be done is every one to two hours.However, this can depend on the condition of the baby at that time.Well, in between the breastfeeding schedule, it would be nice to keep pumping breast milk with a breast pump.It aims not only to save the supply of breast milk, but also to re-issue as much milk as possible so that milk production will also increase.Pumping breast milk is not easy.Every mother is required to choose the right breast pump so that it can be used properly.For mothers who take care of their own babies without the help of household assistants (ART) or babysitters, try using an electric breast pump.Because, electric breast pumps are much more practical than conventional pumps.In addition, the electric breast pump is easier and more convenient to use with the cordless variant.This breast pump also makes it easier for mothers to move without worrying about the condition of the cable.How to use it is also easy, namely by tucked in the bra.Enough in this way, the electric breast pump can work alone.Dock.Mooimom Electric Breast Pump MOOIMOM M2 Hands-Free Wireless Electric Breast Pump.Now the electric breast pumps that are presented in the market also come with various types and shapes.One of the best quality electric breast pump products is the Mooimom M2 Hands-free Wireless Electric Breast Pump.The reason is, this wireless electric breast pump is one of the best choices for working mothers who are still breastfeeding.This is because the Mooimom electric breast pump has several advantages, namely it is made of silicone material that has been tested for food grade so it is safe for breast milk.Then the design that is owned is also wider, larger, and wider, so it can cover the breasts up to 360 degrees and is suitable for various breast shapes.Thus, it will further facilitate the process of pumping breast milk and facilitate the release of breast milk.Not only that, this electric pump also has 25 selectable modes that can adjust to the sensitivity level of each mother's different breasts.This Mooimom M2 Hands-free Wireless Electric Breast Pump also has an efficient level of massage pressure on the breast, so it can help produce milk in a relatively short time.For those who are interested in buying the Mooimom M2 Hands-free Wireless Electric Breast Pump, you can get it through the Mooimom website.More complete information about 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