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2022-08-08 08:12:20 By : Mr. Barry Tu

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Regardless of repeated attempts from loyal Joe Biden supporters to sugar-coat his failed policies, I believe the final verdict for this president is clear by now for most American voters. After 17 months of his disastrous policy decisions, the resounding truth is part of history, his pathetic record is a reality, and he seems oblivious to it all.

Doesn’t matter whether it’s domestic or foreign policy decisions, the results are always the same. His choices for America have failed. Starting with the Afghanistan blunder and continuing through the current economic crisis, the familiar response regarding his policy decisions is always an intense “thumbs down!”

Consider the current 40-year high inflation rates at 8.6%, gas prices over $5 a gallon for the first time in American history, steep increases in the cost of food and commodities, a collapsing stock market, high crime rates across America due to police defunding, the cash bail rollback, the D.A. prosecution crisis, our open southern border and associated drug and sex trafficking, and record numbers entering our country illegally from 140 nations across the globe.

But most regrettable about those sobering facts is President Biden’s total indifference to them. His two favorite responses, “I’m doing all I can do” and “It’s Putins fault.” We know he campaigned on eliminating fossil fuels and on allowing entry to immigrants seeking asylum but both of those policies have since become major problems for our country. Our southern border is out of control, drugs are pouring in, and sex trafficking is part of the norm. Gas prices are at an all-time record high in America even as we have the necessary clean energy resources to bring the prices down. President Biden knows this but he remains tuned out. He refuses to visit the southern border and he continues to over-regulate drilling.

Both excuses now are regarded as lip service. America has the energy reserves necessary to bring prices back to normal as they were before Biden took office. He could rescind his executive order shutting down the Keystone XL Pipeline and rehire the 1,500 workers who lost their jobs. He could issue drilling permits and remove the uncertainty that now exists because of excessive federal regulations.

Renewable energy sources are not ample, at this point, to satisfy America’s energy needs. This should have been obvious in February 2021 when Texas Storm Uri became the costliest winter storm on record, killing 137. It should have been Biden’s wake-up call regarding renewable energy but apparently didn’t register with him.

The first priority for President Biden should be the security, safety and well-being of American citizens. Due to the inflation he created through excessive spending early in his term, many Americans are running out of money needed to purchase gas and feed their families. We have 264 billion barrels of recoverable oil reserves, more than any other country on earth. If Biden cares, he’ll use those reserves for the well-being of Americans and regain control of our southern border.

Leroy Donald is a resident of Stephens City.

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Here is a lesson in swamp math for all you that think Biden is reducing the deficit 🤦‍♂️

Lou Knapp is entitled to his opinions- however ridiculous and far removed from truth those opinions are. Just because you state that untruths are “ a brilliant summary”, certainly does not make it so- it’s not brilliant nor accurate

What nonsense! Here are some of the Biden administration's achievements, just off the top of my head:

--Got us out of the never-ending quagmire of Afghanistan, our longest war.

--Saved thousands of lives with an effective, science-based vaccination crusade which revitalized the ineffective and ambivalent waffling of The Former Guy.

--Redemption for thousands of Americans from financial ruin during the Covid epidemic.

--Passed a huge infrastructure bill which got only lip service from TFG.

--Although national debt rose post pandemic, reduced the budget deficit by over $1 Trillion.

--Accomplished desperately needed and long overdue action against climate change, a hopeful start to saving the planet compared to the uninformed idiocy of TFG.

--Reduced unemployment by nearly 50%, with near record job increases.

--Championing both new renewable energy sources and near-record domestic oil production in a difficult era with dramatic increases in drilling (60% increase according to Forbes) despite post-covid supply and manpower restrictions.

--Lead the unprecedented opposition to Russia's invasion of Ukraine with strong, smart diplomatic opposition and vital military assistance.

--Accomplished literally thousands of talented and diverse appointments to the judiciary, the ambassadorial corps, and the leadership of numerous regulatory agencies – most of whom have already effected huge and positive federal policy shifts in everything from student loans to toxic chemicals to human rights.

--Returned the Presidency to an office of dignity, hope, and scientific reality after four years of emoluments, nepotisim, denial and hateful division.

The above list does more to illustrate what was wrong with TFG than any legitimate criticism of Joe Biden's lifelong service to our country and all Americans.

Gas prices at $5 a gallon, boohoo.

Exxon Mobile profits 1st quarter 2021- $2.7 billion.

Exxon Mobile profits 1st quarter 2022- $5.5 billion.

Some comments are so incredibly stupid and completely wrong that they scream for a truthful correction. The actual “ President of Chaos” , the absolute “ King of devisiveness”, was also the biggest liar to ever occupy the Oval Office- that was the man formerly known as President Trump - a sociopath, a liar,a cheater, a narcissist, who remains all those things; he continues to exist as a damaged human without a soul.

President Biden is none of those things- he is a man of integrity, superior intelligence and compassion-

There’s a lot of drivel here so I won’t waste my time trying to address all of it. I thought it was hilarious that the author absolved Greg Abbot of Texas for his part in the winter storm. It was Biden’s fault!!!! The data showed that failure to winterize power sources, primarily those of natural gas, had caused the grid failure. Texas's power grid has long been separate from the two major national grids to avoid federal oversight;this disconnection made it difficult for the state to import electricity from other states during the crisis. Evidently, the author hasn’t noticed the frequency of major storms and the dangerous heat waves our country is experiencing. Yellowstone Park will probably be closed the rest of the season due to a severe rain storm! So we’re going to base our energy strategy on fossil fuels which are a finite source; with the exception of a motion picture, there aren’t dinosaurs running around who will drop dead, decompose and provide future oil. I will take Biden any day a week over a President that staged a coup against our democracy. He was told by his pollsters and his campaign staff that he had lost the election. His own Attorney General investigated all the allegations and said that they were nonsense. AG William Barr said the allegations against the Dominion Voting machines were excrement. DJT was told that the scheme by Eastman to have the VP refuse to do his Constitutional duty was illegal; otherwise, one man, the VP could undo the will of the people. Would you have wanted that in 2000 for VP Al Gore to refuse to do his duty; how about if Biden loses in 2024, would you want Harris to do the same? VP Pence fulfilled Constitutional duties. DJT turned on him and said that perhaps the folks who wanted to kill the VP were correct. VP Pence refused to bow to the mob and an autocratic President and stayed at the Capitol to do his duty. He earned his place in the history books. The author has a right to expressed his displeasure and to vote against Biden in 2024. We must respect the will of the people. The state electors should go to the candidate that got the most votes in that state. The state legislature should not put in their own electors if the popular vote goes against them. There will be issues that come up and these should be litigated through our court system without the inflammatory rhetoric. If a President’s campaign staff and numbers people tell them that they lost, they should do the honorable thing and concede and work for a successful transition. Our last Virginia gubernatorial election was a model for this. I ask the Republicans to move away from DJT and nominate a candidate that is consistent with their views and believes in our democracy. DJT demonstrated he isn’t that person.

A brilliant summary. Democrats, it seems, are lost in the never-never land of January 6th, as though it were Pearl Harbor or 9/11. They are glaring into the rear mirror and missing the future.

Joe Biden is the "President of Chaos" and America's "Prince of Divisiveness" . From Afghanistan to the Mexican border to inflation and yes even to baby food he hasn't gotten a single thing right. He is the worst President we have ever had, and makes Herbert Hoover look like a genius.

The US is in a dark place as the J6C unearths evidence of unlawful Trump/rw illegalities that have the country on the precipice of losing its democracy. Trying to overturn an election is as undemocratic as it gets. I'm stunned you feel the price of gas supercedes that.

Last time oil prices were this high and we had a huge financial crisis in 2008 when GW Bush was president. I am sure you blamed him for that financial crisis also.

President Biden has done a fantastic job of cleaning up the horrible mess left by former President Trump. When President Biden assumed office, COVID was killing millions, shortages for things like paper towels, sanitizer, and baking yeast were common, schools were closed, people were out of work, and the beautiful US Capitol building was still being cleaned and repaired after a cop-killing riot directed by Mr. Trump. Today, COVID vaccines are freely available, the death rate is down, schools are open, and America is back at work. President Biden passed one of the largest and most important infrastructure bills ever passed, something that Mr. Trump kept promising but could never achieve. That bill is repairing bridges, building rail, installing broadband, and providing green jobs for even more Americans. President Biden is on track to reduce the Trump deficit -- by $1.5 trillion. I'd say that President Biden has had a pretty successful seventeen months.

Seriously? Do you buy groceries? Do you buy gas? Do you really think Biden is competent? Talking about shortages… baby formula, which was caused by inept government and which is way worse than toilet paper. Today we are suffering immensely in all areas of the supply chains. The poor man is in the throes of dementia. He can’t complete a thought reading a teleprompter. The vaccines were on there way before Biden to office. We are being overrun by illegals (many who are terrorists, drug dealers, sex traffickers and freeloaders).

Do you realize this country is in a constitutional crisis right now as the Jan 6 committee unravels multilayers of Trump malfeasance? Trump tried to get his VP killed. He ignored all advise from his lawyers and subverted the Constitution, thinking that VP Pence could overturn the election results because Trump didn't like them. He bullied Pence, telling Pence he couldn't be Trump's friend anymore if he didn't overturn the election, which is not only sandbox sociopathy but contributed to a near loss of our democracy. You should be ashamed of yourself for writing such a self-serving silly opinion.

Don't forget Hunter's laptop, while you're at it.

A constitutional CRISIS!!! Who knew? [yawn] [beam]

When a president attempts to kill his vp, and one side cares, very much, and the other side shrugs it's collective shoulders...same for ignoring the Rule of Law/subverting the Constitution...that will certainly divide a country, between the Constitutionalists and fascists. Trump, who has a mental health problem, which appeals to millions of voters, could destroy our democracy.

Exactly. Sedition, treason, and a complete disregard for democracy was on display for all of us to see, and no amount of snapping their fingers while yelling "look, look over here" will change those facts.

Plus, I realize that Leroy et al. don't believe or care that a global pandemic happened while we had a president in denial, so there's that.

You mean when he tried to block all travel to and from the country where the virus was released and he was called a racist for doing so?

Nothing burger. The country is falling apart and you are concerned about Jan. 6? Please. What a waste of time and money! We now have a so-called President who didn't win a doggone thing and we all are suffering. Brandon was selected, not elected. The worst President in US History and it's not even close. He makes Jimmy Carter look competent.

So you STILL believe the Big Lie? After all those Trump toadies have told you it's "nonsense" and "BS"? Did you hear the Republican judge testify yesterday? Of course you didn't. Fox isn't carrying the hearings. Remember the multiple Benghazi hearings? Remember Hillary testifying to a hostile committee for 11 hours?

@Rightside - They will focus on whatever their propaganda masters tell 'em to. Country going to h3ll in a handbasket? No worries! We NEED to focus on how the rabble scared our "masters" for a few minutes that one day!!!!

January 6th was Washington's Pearl Harbor and you want to pretend it was just another day in the park. If you cannot believe your own lying eyes, then just retreat to your own reality.

Dems say Republicans are bad. Republicans say Dems are bad. Meanwhile, both of them are ruining this country, dividing us by any means necessary. They are not interested in us, only their greed and power. And we are allowing it.

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