Mineral water bottle/Coke bottle/PET drinking bottle washing and recycling line

            Mineral bottle/Cola bottle/PET drinking bottle washing recycling line Pet bottle crushing washing recycling machine/line/plant is widely used to treat waste plastic, such as PET/PVC/ABS bottle, water bottles, cola bottle and  PET plastic scrap broken

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            Mineral bottle/Cola bottle/PET drinking bottle washing recycling line 
Pet bottle crushing washing recycling machine/line/plant is widely used to treat waste plastic, such as PET/PVC/ABS bottle, water bottles, cola bottle and  PET plastic scrap broken into flakes. Pet bottle recycling line is a crushing, washing, drying line. PET flakes are mainly used for the fiber production and other related PET products. With advanced international industry concepts and technologies to meet waste plastic recycling at home or abroad. this line can be displayed "L" or "U" shape according clients' workshop.

Component List:
SN:Item name:Function
1 Conveyor beltFeeding material
2Label remover machineRemove and separator the labels from bottles
3Sorting tableSorting out remain labels manually Selecting out different color bottles 
and non-PET bottles
4 conveyorFeeding material
  5 crusherCrushing bottle into Flakes
6 Screw loaderLoading material
7 Floating washing tankWashing out the floating caps,rings and dirty
 8Friction washerWith high speed Friction Washing out dirty
9 Screw LoaderLoading material
10Hot washing tankWith Hot water washing to remove glue and dirty
11Screw LoaderLoading out material with inverter to control speed
12Horizontal friction dewater  Remove the humidity from the flakes
13 Floating washing tankWashing out the Floating caps, rings and dirty
14 Floating washing tankWashing out the Floating caps, rings and dirty
15Screw LoaderLoading material
16Horizontal Dewatering machineRemove the humidity from the flakes
17Hot Air Drying systemDrying the flakes
18SiloCollecting the flakes
19Electric control panelUsed to control the whole Line

Main Technical Date
Product capacityMT-300MT-500MT-1000MT-1500MT-2000MT-3000
Needed worker3-45-67-89-1010-1213-14
Installed powder210kw230kw300kw370kw450kw500kw
Water supply2-3ton/h3-4ton/h5-6ton/h7-8ton/h9-10ton/h11-12ton/h
Final product:    1-Flake size: 12-14mm
                 2-moisture content: ≈0.01%
                 3-PVC content less than 100ppm

Packaging & Shipping
1.For the loose cargo we will packing by wooden box
2.For the full container loading we are packing the machine by film and some on pallet accordingly
3.We can shipping the goods by air or by sea
4.We will send pictures of cargo loading to our client to check and keep recording
5.We can send cargo to client's warehouse to loading

Our Services
1.Pre-sale: we given client the details technician offer, sign the sales contract etc
2.In-sales: we supply the details layout, installation instruction, technician support for the clients
3.After sales: we arrange engineer to install the machinery and training the workers for client
4.We have 24hours team to solve the after sales problem
5.We have free spare parts with the machine
6.We supply long term spare parts for every customer
7.We always update the new technology to every customer

1.How to Choose proper Products you want?
Please tell us as detail as what you want
What's your raw material it is
What's the final products you want to produce
What capacity you want it performance
2.How to Control the quality?
We have technical, engineer team design the sample machinery before enter into market
Production QC team ensure the machine manufacturing quality
We will running every machine after finished before shipment

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