Intelligent control integrated sterilizer, Eto sterilizer, 6cbm Eo sterilizer

Product DescriptionDescription of ethylene oxide sterilizer   The equipment is suitable for:  Disposable medical masks, surgical masks, KN95, N95 masks  Protective clothing / medical equipment / laboratory         e

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Product Description
Intelligent Control Integrated Sterilizer, Eto Sterilizer, 6cbm Eo Sterilization Machinery
Description of ethylene oxide sterilizer 

  The equipment is suitable for:

  Disposable medical maskssurgical masksKN95N95 masks

  Protective clothing / medical equipment / laboratory         equipment / electronic equipment / chemical equipment and other fields
Intelligent Control Integrated Sterilizer, Eto Sterilizer, 6cbm Eo Sterilization Machinery


Factory video and product introduction:
Intelligent sterilization cabinet debugging operation production video:

The difference between old sterilization cabinet and intelligent sterilization cabinet:

Manufacturing performance characteristics of ethylene oxide sterilizer:

High-quality materials

Intelligent operation

Good security

6mm thickened high quality stainless steel

Fully automatic PLC control


Automatic control of pressure, temperature and humidity

Good sterilization effect

Digital real-time display

filtering system

Sterilization rate reaches 100%

Print record archive

Effectively filter residual drugs

Structural composition of ethylene oxide sterilizer:

It consists of sterilization cabinet, heating system, vacuum system, dosing and gasification device, residual gas treatment system, monitoring and control system.

The sterilization box is mainly composed of the inner tank, the outer shell, and the pipeline; the heating system is mainly composed of the heating belt and the temperature controller; the vacuum system is mainly composed of the vacuum pump, the control valve, the filter, and the evacuation pipeline; the dosing and gasification device mainly consists of manual ball valve, temperature detection, gasification heating system and gasification chamber; the residual gas treatment system consists of residual gas treatment water tank and valve; the detection system consists of temperature sensor, humidity sensor and pressure sensor; the control system consists of microcomputer controller, industrial control touch screen, buttons and other control electrical components.

Working condition

a) Ambient temperature: 10 ~ 40 ~ C;                        b) Relative humidity: not more than 85%;

c) Sterilization pressure: 0kPa ~ 50kPao                    d) Power supply: AC380V + 38V; 50Hz ± 1Hz

Standard configuration sheet

(1) Ethylene oxide sterilizer    (2) Water injection pipe    (3) Dosing tube    (4) Instruction card 28 cards

(5) Inspection report    (6) Comprehensive manual         (7) Operation process 1 copy  (8) Installation report  (9) Certificate of conformity       (10) Warranty card    (11) 1 copy of qualification
Intelligent Control Integrated Sterilizer, Eto Sterilizer, 6cbm Eo Sterilization Machinery


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el'thylene oxide sterilizer is an intelligent all-in-one machine with intelligent one-button operation, which is mainly divided into three stages

1.Pre-treatment stage (to reach the optimal environment before sterilization)

2.Sterilization stage (time can be adjusted freely)

3.Compulsory elimination of ethylene oxide gas residual stage (freely adjustable times)

The device takes up little space and is easy to install:

Each device only needs to provide an independent space larger than twice the size of the device, installation only needs to be connected to water, drainage, power supply and air compressor to operate.

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Intelligent Control Integrated Sterilizer, Eto Sterilizer, 6cbm Eo Sterilization Machinery


Application range of ethylene oxide sterilizer produced by us:

1. Regional therapy equipment: cardiac pacemaker, artificial heart, dialyzer, aspirator, oxygenator interchangeable element, automatic engineering changer, replacement line, replacement needle, artificial esophagus, artificial bone, artificial blood vessel, etc.

2. Endoscopy: laryngoscope, bronchoscope, esophageal fiberscope, mediastinoscope, cystoscope, The urethra mirror, and thoracoscopy.

3. Rubber products: gloves, finger cots, syringes, injection needles, blood collection devices, infusion sets, urine collection bags, biological hoses, nasal hoses, catheters, hoses, birth control equipment, etc.

4. Medicine: some Chinese and Western medicines, and some cosmetics.

5. Textiles and biological products: cotton wool chemical fiber clothing, blankets, carpets, gauze, bandages, dry silk balls, cotton swabs, absorbent cotton, dressings, towels, leather, fur products, etc.

6. Cultural relics files: paper currency, tickets, medical records, files, letters, historical relics, silk satin products, animal and plant specimens, etc.

7. Instruments: electronic instruments, optical instruments, telephones, etc.

8. Hygiene products: sanitary napkins, napkins, disposable sanitary tableware, etc.

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